Responsive web development

Turnkey website development

We strongly believe that professional designing of the site will help in the development of any business.

Collection and analysis of requirements and available information on the project

In order to determine correctly what type of website the client actually needs, first it is necessary to collect and process all available and useful information for solving the task. The Internet resources we create can be roughly divided into the following types: a simple online business card, a landing page (one-page website), a corporate site with a catalog, an online store or data portal.

Selecting the most optimal platform and technologies

A balanced choice of a technological platform is not just a key to the successful implementation of all tasks on time, but also largely determines the future potential and established limitations for the subsequent development and promotion of the site. Currently, our company is developing websites on platforms such as WordPress, WPBit and OpenCart.

Making a technical plan for the website

A draft is necessary for the successful implementation of a project of any size within agreed budgets and terms.

Web design development

For a quick and economical start of the project, we recommend using a set of ready-made graphic solutions based on templates that were designed specifically for the theme of the client's business. If you need to create a unique style, use the services of our art-designer, and he will do everything to embody your ideas and wishes in premium graphic design.

Creation of unique content for websites

Unique and useful content
keeps users on your web resource longer.

Unique content for the website
  • LSI copywriting

    writing unique texts that reflect in a simple, understandable and logically connected form the entire value of the company's offer to the consumer. Nowadays, only well-written marketing and informational texts will be fully appreciated by search engines. Moreover, this is important not only for attracting new customers through the free organic search to the site, but also enhances the level of trust in the company and awareness among the population. All these factors in combination generate leads, increasing sales through not only the Internet, but also offline channels of communication with customers.

  • Translation of texts

    for websites into English and Ukrainian.

  • Photo shoots of goods

    for online sales and reportage photography.

  • Creation of infomercials

    for YouTube and social networks. Today, modern technologies with certain skills and approaches enable almost any employee of the company to contact their potential customers directly through their smartphones and computers in order to share valuable information about the offered goods and services and visually demonstrate all the important points and nuances. In information videos, the main emphasis is on a well-developed text and high-quality sound of the speaker. The video sequence here serves rather as visual evidence to the spoken words and enhance the dynamics and effect of presence. Of course, in terms of the artistic component of the picture, such videos cannot compete with high-budget video ads, but they have an incomparably greater useful effect on the target audience and really contribute to promotion of the site and the company.
    Examples of our work:,

  • Development of animation videos.

    Sometimes it happens that the available tools and entourage do not allow embodying all advertising ideas and concepts using a typical video. However, we always have a creative approach to solving problems, and just in such cases that we develop bright animated videos. This is an example of animation video made by our team:

Professional web design

- it attracts attention!

Website technical support

Website maintenance

The safety and stable operation of your web resource will be appreciated not only by visitors, but also by search engines.

  • Domain registration
  • Installing, configuring and updating WordPress and OpenCart plugins, themes and templates
  • Regular updating of website modules created on the base of WPBit CMS to implement all the latest requirements and recommendations of Google
  • Setting up and transferring websites to another hosting
  • Setting up a backup
  • Restoring site performance after failures
  • Analysis, identification and elimination of technical problems and errors in the operation of Internet resources
  • Protecting sites from viruses and hacking
  • Recovering files damaged by ransomware
Website technical support

Consulting and informational support of clients

  • Consulting on development and maintenance of web resources
  • Choosing the optimal tariff plan for website hosting
  • Domain name selection
SEO promotion charts

SEO and website promotion

  • Analysis of technical errors and their elimination
  • Registration and connection of online analytics tools
  • Making a content plan for development of the site
  • Registration of a resource in online business directories
  • Placement of company materials on regional online news outlets
  • Administrating an account on Google My Business, compiling and disseminating positive reviews about the products and services offered on this web recourse
Website advertising on the Internet

Online advertising campaigns

  • Development of an advertising concept and promotion strategy
  • Creation, configuration and maintenance of online advertising on Google Ads service
  • Conducting advertising campaigns on social networks: Facebook, Instagram