Landing on the WPBit platform

  • Custom development of our company, aimed at achieving the maximum speed of work on mobile devices and full adaptability to all popular types of screens.
  • Full scalability and the possibility of developing new functionality for any requirements client.
  • Problem-free operation and the absence of the need for additional technical support is guaranteed in flow many years.
  • Minimum hosting requirements and no need to install or update any additional modules from third-party developers.
Landing page development on the WPBit platform

Basic version - $200

Development time: 3 to 7 days

Technology stack: JS, Jquery, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS

Functionality (Basic)
Layout according to the selected template
Individual design
Strict adherence to the key principles of the landing to ensure high performance
Options (the price of a product/service may vary depending on the selected option)
Call back order form
Sending a notification by Email or telegram about a new request from a landing page
Logo, favicons and meta tags for Open Graph
Google Analytics Code
Content management system (Admin)
* Set up a payment system (as an additional option)
Order landing
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